Barn Door Hardware is Now Available at Signature!

As barn doors and barn door hardware have worked their way in to our collective consciousness, we here at Signature saw a need to add this exciting and creative hardware option to our product offering.  

A sliding barn door can be both functional and a way to display your personality.  Usually barn doors    chosen for a space are much different from the rest of the typical door package, and the possibilities are endless.  Use a barn door to add a pop of color, or an eclectic element to show off your design style!  No matter what look you choose you will need barn door hardware to make your new door function—come down to our showroom and check out our new barn door hardware display.
We have several manufacturers from high-tech contemporary to fashion colors and materials.  For our own display we chose Rustica Hardware in ‘Brushed Steel’ finish with ‘Triangle’ hangers.

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