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One our more famous photos was featured in an editorial ideabook on the homepage of Houzz!  
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The photo that, as of the this writing, has made its way into some 108,000 Houzzers ideabooks is of the custom pull-out knife block—a feature included in approximately 75% of kitchens designed by our staff.  The cabinet shows not only a way to conceal knives and get them off the countertop, but also a good use of a very narrow space—the version pictured here requires only 6” of width.  Locating this unit near the cooking surface increases efficiency, not to mention it ups the cool factor!

We have had a great deal of feedback from folks on Houzz, and while it cannot be denied this is a very popular idea, some out there have voiced opinions regarding how dangerous they feel this cabinet could be in a home with children. One person commented, “This is terrifying for kids. Please don't install these. The idea that toddler-height knives exist anywhere makes my skin crawl.”

None of us here at Signature have ever heard of any child being harmed by knives stored in this manner, but if this is a concern for someone, and they still want to include this in their new kitchen design, there is a child safety lock on the market that is primarily used in pediatricians’ offices called the ‘Tot Lock’.  
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What I like about the ‘Tot Lock’ is how unnoticeable it is—the cabinet face remains completely intact.  This means in the future, as the children grow to a more responsible age the lock can be removed and the cabinet will look no different on the outside than the day the lock was put in.  The ‘key’ is a specially designed magnet that’s waved in front of the door that releases the locking mechanism.  This key can be kept in an upper cabinet out of the reach of little ones.
To see more creative versions of this pull-out knife block stop by our showroom!

One of our more famous (and controversial?) photos was featured in an editorial ideabook on the homepagto Houzz users' ideabooks so far this year. Do you have one in your kitchen? For more versions on this idea, stop by our showroom.

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